Screen Shots

The picture below are an example of what the interface looks like. Users can choose what theme to go with and new themes can be created if required. The clinic logo will also replace ours.

The Diary Page.

This is where booking and patient creation starts. The easy-read display shows all the practitioners (or rooms) and the appointments they have for that day.

Physical Exam

This page allows detailed and customised reports to be viewed and adjusted. Note the range of motion drawings bottom right where you can add crosses and circles as well as draw freehand if required.

SOAP Notes

These are automatically time stamped and allow you to quickly chart a patients progress over multiple appointments.

Profit and Loss

This shows all the income and expenditure, giving an up to date picture of the clinic's financial progress. Any total can be clicked to allow a complete break down of how that money was spent in any given month or for the whole financial year.

Channel Reporting

Multiclinic is capable of making just about any report you want. Due to its database and web nature if it doesn't do it, it can be added with very little effort. Here the various ways that patients have heard about the clinic (channels) are shown on a simple line graph.

Appointment Reporting

One of the many other useful reports available shows the amount of patients in a week. This shows a picture of how busy the clinic is over time. It also plots previous years for easy comparison.

Letter Writing

Once you have entered all the patients information and doctors address Multiclinic offers you a way to retrieve that information and create a letter.

Using existing templates or by editing your own you can make a doctors letter quickly. However we don't believe in forcing you to do anything so you can edit the letter completely before you send it, you can even copy and paste it into you preferred word processor if you prefer. However the built in version has most options you would need and allows you to save each letter along side a patients notes

Finance Report