We offer two different ways of accessing MultiClinic; Hosted and hosted. Un-hosted prices can vary wildly depending on your existing set up and number of users so please get in contact to arrange a free no obligation quote. However we find most customers go for hosted as it the easiest and quickest way to get started. We can have you up and running within 24hrs, some times less. Our hosted prices are as follo

Basic Hosted charges

Setup Blank Database £95 + VAT
Hosting & SupportFor a two user license with 24hr secure access, nightly backups, program updates. Telephone and email support is provided during office hours£35 /m + VAT
Extra User Setup is free£5 /m + VAT


Training Day+Transport£250 + VAT
Custom reports/ web site integration£35 /h + VAT
Data importWill be charged at £35 /h if a database import can be achieved or £6.50 /h if manual data entry is requiredContact us
Phone IntegrationPer Line (Number porting £50)£6 /h + VAT
Gold phone numberMore memorable numbers£700
Extra hosted extension £4 /m + VAT
VoIP phone£110 + VAT
Patient SMS Reminders £5 /m + VAT
E-Mail reminders For Patients Spend £3/m on SMS and its free (or £3/m)
For staff members £2.50 Per Staff member

If you would like to sign up for the service then please get in contact