iPad and Touch Screens

Here at Multiclinic we’re focused on allowing users the chance to use their favorite PC, Linux Machine, Mac and increasingly tablet devices like iPad.

We’re keeping all the things users love about our interface, while optimising it for the gorgeous large screen of the iPad.

Using the in built safari browser on an iPad or Firefox on other machines users can use Wi-Fi or 3g to access the service on the go.

The click and drag interface of the diary is suited to touch screens and the user can make and adjust appointments with ease.

For those who use notes they may prefer one of the many optional keyboards for extended sessions of typing, however all the functionality of Multiclinic can be seen on most tablet PCs.*

Fasttext allows users to enter large recurring text at the push of a finger.

Multiclinic will run in multiple tabs. This allows you to jump between pages and the diary easily with the touch interface.

To arrange a demo of Multiclinic on an iPad or other touch screen machine then please get in contact