Outlook & E-Mails


Multiclinic is designed to make life as easy as possible for both your staff and your customers.


Many clinics operate with staff who rent rooms or pay (or get paid) commission You may not want to give them access rights to your finical information or have a machine for them to use. Multiclinic allows you to send out calendar appointments to each staff member as appointments are made. This way they can use outlook and/or their phones to receive and track their appointments or simply just recive a text e-mail to notify them of upcoming appointments.


Patients can opt for SMS reminders or E-mail or both. In the case of e-mail they will receive a personalised reminder. We send it in such a way that should they have an e-mail client capable of interpreting the e-mail they can import it to their calendar at the click of a button. Whilst this is not a complicated action they are not forced to do this so those patients unfamiliar with e-mail appointments are not unnecessarily confused.

Email Workgroup Solution & Collaboration

We can host your e-mail for you, with links into multiclinic to aid in patient and clinic management.

Standard Package £4.99 /m per user

  • cross browser support
  • Junk Email filtering
  • Anti Virus protection
  • Search folders – conversation tracking
  • Easy ‘Ajax’ web interface
  • Instant Messaging integration
  • 1Gb Storage
  • Address List imports
  • POP3 Support

Advanced £8.99 /m per user

As Standard Plus

  • Online Document Sharing
  • 2Gb Storage (more available for £3 /m / Gb)
  • Ability to add external POP3 accounts
  • Multiple Accounts (for sending from various users)
  • True Outlook Integration (with a free connector)
  • Linux integration
  • Mac integration
  • Mobile Support so you can receive e-mails on your smart phone

Please get in contact for more information

Please note there is a small charge for these services.