We find most clients can use a computer system without help, however some clients would like some form of help or reassurance. Our system can be easily used on any PC or Mac with an internet connection. However if you are looking for a clinic solution with multiple computers VoIP phones, internet redundancy and/or a network, or if you simply don't know what you want then we are here to help.

We are happy to advise over the phone for free on what machines, phones and systems you might need (or how to adjust your existing setup). If required we can perform a site visit to assess your requirements further. If any installation work is required then we can carry this out for you or in the case of a new clinic design the systems and pass the plans onto your nominated contractors.

In short we want to help your transition to a computerised system to be as smooth and uneventful as possible and we happy to help you with as much (or as little) help as is required.

Please feel free to get in contact to discuss any concerns, questions or queries you may have.